Gembrook Retreat news May 2021

During lockdown I found myself with a lot more time on my hands and began a practice known as a sit spot….

Read more about Jane’s sit spot practice, and other updates including our new Gembrook Retreat hoodies, the Meeting House which is nearly finished, smiling faces from our Chestnut Harvest Open Day and some reflections on the ‘Seaspiracy’ documentary here.

Chestnut Harvest Day 2021

It was great to have a good crowd coming to this year’s chestnut harvest day. Chestnuts were collected, roasted and dragged up the hill to be turned into many delicious meals in the coming weeks! Thanks everyone who came, picnicked, enjoyed a day on the land and donated to support the work of Gembrook Retreat.

Land, God, Soul – Gembrook Retreat news August 2020

“Retreat” can mean many things.  A beautiful comfortable space away from the hustle and bustle? A chance to relax and have some time for yourself? Running away from everyday life?  Fleeing the field of battle?

Gembrook Retreat is beautiful, but it is also wild and alive. The land is breathing and crawling and surging and crying out.  It is not static or simple…

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Chestnut Harvest coming soon! Gembrook Retreat news March 2019

A community of work and prayer

Over summer, we have been experimenting with a rhythm of life at Gembrook Retreat that combines the work of hosting and looking after the land and buildings of the Retreat, with regular times of prayer. This connects us with the spiritual practices that we want to invite our guests to experience. 

We have started thinking about more ways that people can be involved in this community of work and prayer… 

Newsletter Sept 2018

A space to feed heart, soul and imagination…

Guests have been finding their way to David’s Cabin over the winter months and here’s what they are saying:

“A lovely property to ramble about on – the guiding values of this space for rest and renewal are of hospitality, simplicity, community and care for the land… so think woodfire stove, gas burner, solar powered lighting, tank water, outdoor composting toilet and, you know, a quiet that creeps into your soul and brings you peace…’

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