For 20 years the land care and building work at Gembrook Retreat has been largely done on a volunteer basis by the small residential community onsite.  We have built one cabin to host overnight guests, and have just completed a Meeting House so we can begin to cater for small groups.

With 22 acres of native bush, orchards, flowers and fields to maintain, we have come to the limit of what we can achieve by volunteers alone. We need to clean up for bushfire preparation, deal with the noxious weeds before they spread, install irrigation for the fruit orchard, build a barn for rainwater catchment and storage of firewood and building materials, clean up the protea and waratah plantings and extend the native regrowth areas that encourage biodiversity on the land.

For this we need to resource Steve Hope’s time and expertise so that he can be onsite during the week to manage the property, and we need to buy a ute for the Retreat so he can do this work.

If you would like to donate to Gembrook Retreat, we would really appreciate it. You could also become a member of FRoGR (Friends of Gembrook Retreat) and stay in touch with working bee information. The annual membership fee is on a sliding scale of $10 to $50.

Note that donations to Gembrook Retreat are not tax deductible.