Gembrook Retreat news May 2021

During lockdown I found myself with a lot more time on my hands and began a practice known as a sit spot….

Read more about Jane’s sit spot practice, and other updates including our new Gembrook Retreat hoodies, the Meeting House which is nearly finished, smiling faces from our Chestnut Harvest Open Day and some reflections on the ‘Seaspiracy’ documentary here.

2 thoughts on “Gembrook Retreat news May 2021

  1. Hi I was trying to work out where you are located, as I live in NSW. The only clue that I could find was the phone number that told me you are probably in Victoria.
    While your property looks lovely, it is a bit far away to go for a weekend or a short stay.

    1. That’s true, we are in Victoria! I’ll see if I can make that more obvious on the site, thanks for letting us know.

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