KULIN Country

Gembrook Retreat acknowledges the people of the Kulin Nations as the traditional and rightful custodians of the land on which we are situated. We acknowledge the connection that both the Wurundjeri (Woi Wurrung) and Boon Wurrung people have to this land.

It is our understanding that the land which Gembrook Retreat is located on is in the border lands of the Woi Wurrung and Boon Wurrung peoples who are both part of the Kulin Nations alliance.  Much of the history and knowledge of this land and its people has been destroyed since invasion, so it is unclear which of these peoples lived here.  It should also be said that the idea of borders as it has become known today do not help us fully understand traditional connection to this country. While some borders of clans and peoples were clearly understood and delineated, within that some regions of shared land also existed, not specific to a single clan or people.

What is known of the 22 acres that is now Gembrook Retreat is that Aboriginal people have left marks indicating their presence. A scar tree suggests there is at least one gathering place on the land. A nearby prominent rock has also been identified by several people as significant. We have been honoured to have several Aboriginal people including elders who assist us in our understanding of these connections and we continue to look forward to opportunities to learn more of the land on which we are currently custodians.

Land councils (further information) :
Boon Wurrung Foundation
Wurundjeri Tribe Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council