Reducing our single use packaging

We have become aware of how plastic and other single use packaging creates unnecessary and damaging pollution. We are experimenting with a range of methods to reduce our reliance on single use packaging, starting with food.

Of course, we are able to grow a lot of food onsite, so that’s a good start! We have found places to shop for additional fruit and vegetables that will allow us to put items in our own cloth bags or directly into a basket or box. The Unwrapped Pantry in Belgrave South sells a range of dry goods and we can bring our own containers to fill. Some bakeries are willing to place loaves or rolls directly into our cloth bag, and we just have to slice it ourselves (some people are better at this than others!)

Replacing processed items that we would usually buy from a supermarket has required more thought, planning and time. Where possible, we have started to make our own dips, bread, vegan cheeses, jams, vegie stock, pasta, chopped tomatoes, curry paste, frozen corn and peas, cooked beans, coconut milk and sweet biscuits. We have had to schedule making these things into our week so that the cooks know we have these items reliably ‘in stock’ – it’s not as quick as just nicking down to the local shops. (Being in lockdown during the Covid-19 restrictions has provided time and incentive to cook at home!)

Of course, we can also buy takeaway drinks in keep cups and our local cafe will pop a donut or muffin into our container if we remember to bring one!

A Plastic Ocean is a documentary we watched that explores the fragile state of our oceans and uncovers alarming truths about the consequences of our disposable lifestyle.