We are looking for people who want to be part of a residential community of work and prayer, who can take on the day-to-day hosting of guests at Gembrook Retreat.

Could this be you?

Gembrook Retreat has 22 acres of land for our guests to seek spiritual renewal and healing. With the development of the Meeting House, an increasing number of visitors will be able to come and spend a day or several nights on the land.  Our greatest need is for one or more new residents to host our guests and enable them to experience what this land has to offer.

When guests arrive, we want to welcome them personally, show them what they need to know.  We want to help them find their feet and transition into this different time and place.  For those who are uncertain about being outside the familiar city, we want to show them the way down the hill, encourage them to light a fire, or to look out for a wallaby or an eagle.  We want to talk with them about the promptings that have encouraged them to come here on retreat. We want to share the stories of what others have done, and what they have discovered.

We want to have retreat spaces that are inviting, clean and simple. We want broken items to be fixed and lost items to be replaced. We want books and pictures available that encourage our guests to look and listen for the Spirit. We want to learn from our guests about their encounters with animals and birds, flowers and thorns, sun and rain, silence and darkness and fire, and about their spiritual hungers, and consider how we can respond.

If you are interested in becoming a host at Gembrook Retreat, please get in touch.